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  • 1,50€
The prices displayed are the unit prices for any personalized request with a very special theme, contact us everything is possible:


β€’ Dragibus : €1.50 (each)

β€’ Kinder Bueno : €2.00 (each)

β€’ Kinder With : €2.20 (each)

β€’ Kinder Delice : €2.00 (each)

β€’ Kinder Maxi : €2.20 (each)

β€’ Kinder Country : €2.20 (each)

β€’ Chips : €1.50 (each)

β€’ M&M’S : €1.50 (each)

β€’ Popcorn : €1.50 (each)

β€’ Mini Smarties box : €1.20 (each)

β€’ Mini Pringles : €2.20 (each)


β€’ Mini bottle of water : €1.20 (each)

β€’ Can of COCA, Ice Tea, etc .: €1.50 (each)

β€’ 1.20L Coke bottle : €2.00 (each)

β€’ Capri sun : €2.20 (each)


For all achievements, allow a waiting period of 4 days except large demand or large flow of orders. Everything is achievable.


  • β€œThank you for your speed, quality products, I recommend you”

    Aurelie B.

  • β€œSo happy with my purchase, Delivery on time, I will place an order again in 2 days”

    Nora Ben.

  • β€œI placed an order for my daughters, very happy with the qualities but especially the little gifts inside, thank you for my twins”

    Anthony Garcia