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Rental of 2 spark machines

  • 99,99€
Possibility of Delivery for €50 more in Marseille, for other cities price on quote

The cold fountain machine produces a fantastic and non-hazardous effect, which resembles traditional fireworks or pyrotechnics.

This technology has profoundly changed the disadvantages of traditional cold fireworks such as the risk caused by black powder, environmental pollution, usage restrictions, etc.

The duration and pitch of the effect can be changed remotely, with programmable spark sequences.

Safety, without fireworks powder classified K1 or K4, much safer than the use of traditional pyrotechnics.

No hazardous materials. No diploma required.

No certificate is required to operate the Spark V1, as it is not pyrotechnics.

Can be used indoors, no smoke and odor, Environmentally friendly.

Easy and user-friendly operation.

Up to 15 minutes of effects can be produced from a single powder refill.

Exit height adjustable up to 5 meters.

⚠️Deposit €300 ⚠️


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